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The Computing curriculum at Edale Rise consists of three main focus areas: computer science, digital literacy and information technology. These areas cover a range of skills and allow the children to integrate computing into all areas of their learning.

The Computing curriculum will ensure that all children:

  • use reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work;
  • design, write and debug programs;
  • use technology to create, organise, store and edit information;
  • recognise uses of technology outside of school;
  • understand computer networks including the internet;
  • use search engines effectively and responsibly with an understanding of the results;
  • use technology safely and respectfully.

Children are supported to work independently to decide when it is appropriate to use technology for their work and ensure that is it accessible to all individuals, through differentiation and inclusion.

*Computer Science - the understanding and use of digital systems. Children will use resources such as Beebots and Scratch for programming
*Digital Literacy - the ability to use technology in a safe and responsible way. For example, children will be taught how to use the internet effectively for research and communication
*Information Technology - the use of computer processes such as opening, editing and organising files and folder

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