At Edale Rise Primary there are two areas which form a view on how children are learning. They are:

  • Progress - this is how much children learn each year from their starting points
  • Attainment - this is how children are doing in relation to what they are expected to learn each year.
We are pleased to say that there are continuing improvements in both of these areas so that - In our Foundation Stage (children aged 3-5 years old) last year:
  • Progress was good and attainment was equal, in the majority of case, to Local authority figure.
  • Our maths results were higher than local authority figures
  • Girls results were also higher than Local authority figures
  • Our results were higher than last year's results
  • The main area we need to work on is writing - but we have lots of ideas to improve this area

In Key Stage One (children aged 5-7 years old) last year:
  • Children did well in their phonics and scored in line with local authority levels in Year One and well above in Year Two
  • Our score for reading, writing and maths joined together was in line with the Local Authority figure
  • Reading, writing and maths results were each above the local authority average
  • Special interventions such as reading support has meant that progress for children was within expected levels
  • The main area we need to work on is writing for our more able pupils

  • In Key Stage Two:
    • Results for Year 6 in 2016 showed all children made expected progress in reading, writing and maths. Progress was 0.1 away from the national average
    • Our children achieved above the national and local authority averages in combined reading, writing and maths in Year 6 in 2016
    • Our results in 2016 show that we have improved significantly in maths, writing, spelling and grammar
    • This year we have a comprehensive programme of teaching and interventions such as maths booster groups to ensure standards continue to improve
    • In Key Stage Two our main area to work on is ensuring children are challenged all of the time to increase their learning


    From September 2015 schools will no longer be using the levels system. Here at Edale Rise Primary School we will be monitoring progress and assessing the children using a new system of 'stages'. Children will be taught all of the areas of the National Curriculum, but we will assess the children using Key Performance Indicators or 'Non-Negotiables'. These are the objectives that we think all children need to know before they can progress further in their learning in English and Maths. Children will be assessed as:
    • Emerging - when a child needs support to achieve an objective.
    • Developing - when a child achieves an objective within a lesson.
    • Secure - when a child completes work independently. A child is also assessed as 'secure' when they can apply their learning in a new lesson or a different situation.
    • Greater Depth - when a child apply skills to questions and situations never before encountered and may be working at objectives above their year group expectations.
    Click on a link below to view the Non-Negotiables for each year group:

    Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

    For more information about our school's data see the documents below:

    KS2 SATs Results - 2017

    2016 SATS Results

    KS2 P2 Comparative England 2015

    KS2 P3 Comp TAs by gender England 2015

    KS2 P4 Comp Tests by gender England 2015

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    Click here to view our latest Ofsted Report

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