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At Edale Rise Primary School we follow the new guidance from Curriculum 2014. If you would like to see the curriculum in detail, click here

Children at our school will develop a sense of their own history and will learn to place significant events from the past in chronological order. We teach about how life has changed in our local community and within the wider world and challenge children to think about the impact of changes. The children are taught about important people (individuals and races) from defined time periods that have made a difference to the world we live in today. Links are made with all subject areas to learn about significant individuals who have made huge contributions to the Arts, Medicine, Maths, Literature, Invention and Exploration.

To enhance learning, during their time at our school, all children will take part in trips to places of historical interest and visit museums, take part in drama and where possible hear from experts. For some topics, we are able to loan items from an artefacts library, to give children the opportunity to handle and learn about items rather than just seeing them in books. Each topic is well resourced with books and interactive CD ROMs.

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